Genesis Consulting Process Overview

Dealing with city, county, and state’s laws and regulations can be intimidating during your liquor license processes. There are many facets and factors that involve the complex licensing procedures. Failure to comply with these facets can compromise your business operation significantly. GCI LA helps our clients navigate through these issues with ease. With the guidance of our expert team members, our clients benefit from a variety of services we offer, which include ubt are not limited to:

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Our Mission

Our mission is to strive for the most comprehensive, expeditious, and professional service. Our success depends on how skillfully we utilize the tools available to us; expertise in liquor license, land use, conditional use permit, and immigration law. We will treat each and every client with the utmost care and attention. We do not have “problems” only “SOLUTIONS!”

General 4 Steps

Permit & Licenses Processing


2.Research & Solution


4.Follow up & Success

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Alcoholic Beverage Control – Filings & Representation

GCI LA will prepare and file all necessary paperwork for each of our clients. Our years of experience and relationships with the state liquor boards ensures that our client’s needs are met at every turn. GCI LA specializes in: Person-to-Person Transfers, Double Transfers, Original Licenses, Premise to Premise Transfers, Enforcement Representation (309 Office Hearings), Corporate/LLC Updates, Stock/Equity Transfers, and Lottery Licenses.

Expedited Services & Pre-Screening Applications

Prior to submitting applications to state agencies, our staff will review all forms with due diligence to expedite the application process. Our experts will examine the amount of financial and personal disclosures that are required by principals or owners.


Liquor licenses must be kept current and up-to-date at all times to ensure no penalties or issues occur. GCI LA will ensure that our clients stay current on all ABC matters and in compliance with the state agencies. Services can include corporate updates, manager registration, officer qualification, stock/equity transfers, background checks, and other state requirements.

Mailings / Public Noticing

GCI LA will handle all site surveys and mailers in-house for our clients notifying neighborhood residents of the pending application.

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