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GCI LA is a national full-service liquor license agency which offers clients access to a wide assortment of licenses and consulting services. GCI LA services include: corporate updates, brokerage, license consulting, government relations, land use entitlements and social media marketing. As experts in the industry with over 24 years combined, GCI LA has the ability to start any project at any level and make sure our client’s business opens on time with the greatest chance of success and least amount of stress. Quality service is our #1 priority.

Experienced Professionals

All our services provided at GCI LA has a team dedicated to that specific operational task. With over combined 24 years of experience in the hospitality industry, each of our team members are amongst the most qualified in the industry. Each team collaborates with one another so all aspects of your project will be serviced in a timely manner with the best possible outcome. Our goal is to make the licensing process as simple and painless as possible for our clients. GCI LA prides itself on being able to accommodate any company of all sizes: from small mom & pop operations to large corporations.

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For most business owners in the hospitality industry, operating with a liquor license is a key component to their operations. Due to this fact, our mission is to make your dreams come true. GCI LA understands that time is of the essence and we take every measure to ensure your license is expeditiously processed and approved. We provide our clients with a unique array of services to help our clients achieve their ultimate goals of opening their businesses on time and to prosper.


GCI LA specializes in due diligence reports, research and project feasibility analysis, zoning and land use entitlement, land use application preparation, management of the entitlement public hearing, real estate and development consulting, and development permitting process.

Professional services include government and community relations, Zone Variances (ZV), Conditional Use Permits (CUP/CUB), project appeals, Subdivision, Condo Conversions, and handling code enforcement issues. In addition, GCI LA handles Building & Safety requirements such as permit processing, Covenant Termination, and Certificate of Occupancies.

GCI LA minimizes the uncertainty of the discretionary entitlement process by reviewing the land use issues and zoning constraints, preparing precise project descriptions, contacting key public officials and government agency staff, identifying the appropriate entitlement process, preparing detailed application packages, filing and processing land use applications, monitoring public input, representing client interest at the public hearings, and negotiating conditions of approval.

Our team of land use experts will provide guidance and identify all possible issues before our clients commit to a site and pursue a location which may potentially not be approved for their operational purposes.

GCI LA will work collectively with our clients and city/county agencies to effectively and successfully issue any CUP/CUB permits for the desired operation. The following steps will be taken:

• Facilitating, coordinating, and garnering support from neighbors, business, and business owners adjacent to the project

• Representation at the Public Hearings & Neighborhood Councils – this includes contacting local council members and contacting appropriate police departments

• Communicate with the assigned city planners to formulate list of conditions that are acceptable to our clients

• Finalize the issuance of the Letter of Determination to have the CUP become effective

Our land use experts will prepare and submit the required application per the existing CUP which is generally stipulated as one of the condition of approval.

For CUPs within the City of Los Angeles will need to go through an effectuation process with the City Planning Department in order for the Department of ABC to finalize either the issuance or transfer of the license.

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In order to sell full liquor or beer & wine wholesale to retail establishments, restaurants, bars, or clubs you will be required to have both state and federal approval. Although these processes can be complex and difficult has an experienced team who is here to help with your wholesale, brewery, and winery approval. Our experts assist business owners navigate the requirements necessary for them to operate and sell their products.

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  • • Monthly Compliance Reporting

    ° Out-of-state license procurement and renewals

    ° Out-of-state label approval

    ° Out-of-state reporting and compliance

    • Submitting accurate beer manufacturing records

    • Up-to-date brewer’s report of operation

Need to know what kind of wholesale liquor license you need? Each operation and business looking to sell wholesale will require a different kind of license based on the type of business. In general, a Wholesaler’s License allows for sale to retail stores, restaurants, bars, clubs, or shops. Most states recognize a distinction between “full liquor” and “beer & wine.” With wholesaler’s licenses come specific rules and regulations concerning size, location, and storage. Zoning of the property will need to be approved for its specific use and wholesalers will need to apply for a Seller’s Permit from the State Board of Equalization (BOE). In addition to the BOE, some wholesalers may be required to have a Federal Basic Permit with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). can help you understand and assist with all the necessary requirements for obtaining the appropriate Wholesaler’s License.

GCI LA can help with federal approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). It can be difficult to get an approval at the federal level from the TTB which is why our specialists are extremely well versed with dealing with this agency. Our services include the following:

• Preparing and reviewing all necessary application paperwork for the TTB process associated to your operation

• Submitting accurate monthly compliance reports

• Coordinating with TTB agent assigned to our client’s application


GCI LA clients additional licensing compliance services. Our team is equipped to handle all companies of any size including Corporations, LLC’s, LP’s, General Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and Domestic Partnerships. Included in our various services available are the following different types of Corporate Updates:

• Changes in Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, Statement of Information

• Stock Transfer/Stock Updates/Equity Transfer/Equity Updates

• LLC Operating Agreement Changes/Corporate Minute Changes/Stock Certificate Changes

• Secretary of State Update Changes with regards to your license

• P-12 Company Updates & Filings

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The Permit Processing Section investigates an applicant’s qualifications and background. If the applicant meets the requirements and passes the background check, the permit is placed on the Permit Review Panel’s calendar to be approved. If there is a reason for denial, the application is forwarded to the Enforcement Section for further investigation.

The City Clerk can advise on the City’s requirements for specific applications, such as the need for approvals from Building and Safety, Planning or Fire Departments. Requirements are contained in the Municipal Code and Police Commission Board Rules.

GCI LA will facilitate and assist with the application of a police permit until the issuance of the following permits:

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More information about Dance Hall Permits coming soon.

More information about Billiard Room, Massage Parlor Shop Permit coming soon.

More information about Café Entertainment / Show (CES) Permit coming soon.

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